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Jean-Paul Gaultier Spring 1996 Jacket

Sale price$980.00

One of a kind Jean-Paul Gaultier jacket from his Spring Summer “Pin Up Boys” menswear collection. Crafted from cotton, this jacket captivates with a vivid display of assorted portraits in a pop art-inspired print, featuring pin-up boys resembling Jean-Paul Gaultier himself. The piece boasts padded shoulders, sculpting a commanding silhouette.

Gaultier's Spring 1996 collection boldly celebrated masculinity in its entirety: exuding immense sensuality with form-fitting trousers, bare torsos glistening in neon-hued suits, and hairstyles reminiscent of Elvis. The collection seamlessly blended an air of machismo, at times evoking the spirit of the Village People with nods to both police officers and sailors. The "Pin Up Boys" collection elegantly harkens back to the realm of male erotica, prompting contemplation that Gaultier's inspiration might have been drawn from the creative works of Bruce Bellas and Kris Studio. These artisans specialized in physique magazines and the homoerotic imagery that discreetly thrived during the clandestine era of 1950s underground exploration of gay male sensuality.

Jean-Paul Gaultier jacket Spring Summer “Pin Up Boys” menswear collection
Jean-Paul Gaultier Spring 1996 Jacket Sale price$980.00